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  1. happz

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    I've always had a static ip via dsl but I moved and the area I live in only offer cable internet. Cable is much faster but the way they offer static is different.

    You are assigned a gateway and static with subnet. Normally when installing OS for ispconfig you assign your server something like, This SMC router uses 10.1.10.x range..which is not a problem really but when I called comcast they tell me to assign my server the static IP rather than port forwarding. Well, I like port forwarding because I can forward other ports I need for things like xbox and vnc..anyway, if I am forced to assign my public IP to my ispconfig server along with the gateway they assigned and subnet, how would I do this?

  2. kn

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    Hello happz,

    it seems that your router cant do nat..

    does your 'smc router' has a 'wan' interface & a 'lan' interface?

    normally you would be configuring your public static ip on the wan interface, and a subnet like on the lan interface.

    your server would be configured say with ip add and a default gateway like (assuming that you set on the lan interface).
  3. mini14

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    If your ISP supplies a router that will not allow you to configure things the way you want/need then in most cases you can add your own router behind (or in place of) their router. If you are putting it behind their router you can normally call their tech support folks and have them tell you how to set it to operate in bridge mode instead of acting as a router. Then you can use your own router to meet your needs.

    I run one of my servers here at the house on a dedicated cable internet connection and use a Netgear 3500L router that works like a charm.
  4. kn

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    In short he/she needs a 'router' with a wan port & lan port.

    3500L is not bad though!

    Else try to get a dlink DIR-600, around 35 bucks, but it does the job quite well..
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  5. happz

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    Thanks for the info all

    I called tech support to tell them to give me a new router or to close my account since i've only had it for 3 days. The tech showed me something that I've not seen before. He showed me that in fact, my static was pointing to my ispconfig server. The problem is that from my lan, i get page can not be displayed but if I go to work and hit my server from outside it shows my isp3 login and my site i have created...anyone tell me why i can't see anything from inside the lan?

  6. falko

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    I guess your router doesn't support loopbacks.
  7. mini14

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    That's definitely wrong...From the win7 machine I'm typing this on now I can access this Centos box sitting over here beside me using local or public IP's and any domain name that it is setup to handle.

    Falko may be right.. if it's not that, then there's a setting in it somewhere on the router that needs to be changed.
  8. happz

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    Something is very wrong. When I try to hit my site from the LAN, i get the login screen for the router. When I am outside the LAN I can get to the pages.

    Any ideas?
  9. deborahdmathise

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    If your ISP provides a router that will not allow you to set things the way they want / Then, in most cases, you can add your own router as the router. If you're putting on a router can normally call their tech support people and to tell them how to set it in bridge mode to use Instead of acting as a router. Then you can use your own router to suit your needs. I run one of my servers here in the house has a wired connection to the Internet and use the Netgear router 3500L, which works like a charm.

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