Networking two desktop fedora into LAN

Discussion in 'Technical' started by perfectpol7, Feb 26, 2009.

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    In my network there are two fedora 10 desktop and 15 windows desktop pcs and one windows small business 2003 server and one Samba file server fedora 10. My problem is to connect from one fedora desktop to see the other fedora deskstop and from Windows server or windows xp desktops I can not see the fedora desktop. But l can browser either windows server or samba file server from fedora desktop.How do I connect the the fedora desktops. I have a switched network.The fedora desktop can ping each other and even the windows xp.
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    That's a known Fedora problem. You can use smb://<ip_address> in the address line of the file browser on the Fedora desktop to see the other systems.

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