Network statisic tool, have an extrem increase of traffic I can not find why

Discussion in 'General' started by muekno, Mar 27, 2021.

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    My provider charged me last month with a lot of overtraffic to my free traffic sufficicent over the last 20 years. Skin they told me my traffic is growing over the last half year. As I do not have any idea why, all my debian 10 servers are up to date pathed weekly, I looked for some traffic monitor. I found you artikle about vmstat and vmstati. Vmstati does not show a graph even running ssh with -X, while i.e. geany runs fin with ssh -X on my iMAC Desktop. vnstat runs fin.
    As there are 5 servers running under IPSConfig ist is not funny, going from server to server and run vnstat with different option an graphic would be fine. Much better would be having a daily email with last days graph and total month graph. I checked the stats of my web servers, but that trafic is just 10% of the total my provider tells. Even mail for me and my customers should not make an amount of 40+gb more from one month to another or even 80gb more to the middle of last year. I check for mail relay to, but everything is ok.
    Does anyone knows a better tool or how to get vnstati to send the graphs.
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    Internet Search Engines with
    monitor network bandwidth usage
    should help.
    Does your 10 server local network have a router or other device connecting to your service provider? Monitoring network usage on that device should give you the total usage. Maybe it even already collects statistics about network use?

    If you need to monitor all your nodes, something like MRTG may be the right choice. And it makes graphs, if that is necessary.

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