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    Can anyone help me with reconfiguring my server network to put a load balancing router between the modem and my linux box? Current set-up:

    Commercial grade modem with static IP that is direct hook-up to Linux eth0.

    I adjusted the files /etc/hosts and reset system-config-network, but there must be more because the system won't recognize it. Running ifconfig doesn't resolve Ipv4, Netmask, etc. although it is acknowledge and the loopback as well. I know that port forwarding is set-up correctly because I have used this very router on another box before.

    Another important factor, any help you can provide me with, please keep in mind that the set-up is Fedora 14 64 bit with ISPConfig 3.0.4, so I am thinking that something needs to be adjusted here too.

    Thanks much.

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