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    I'm using Ubuntu 10.04. I've had no problems at all following the instructions provided for setting up the "perfect server" with ISPConfig 3. I just have a few questions though...

    In "/etc/network/interfaces" I see the following in the example provided...

    Where exactly do I locate each of these IP's so I can change the ones in the example above to the correct ones and do I need to include all of them?.

    Also, in the "/etc/hosts" example is the following...

    I have a business account with a dedicated IP address. Should I use that instead of the ""?.

    Another things is, I have two different domains on my local Ubuntu 10.04 server and even after the DNS resolved successfully, each time I would try to bring up a PHP page it would tell me the file was not found (static pages worked fine).

    Finally, I am not using the server edition of Ubuntu 10.04 (I'm using the desktop edition as a server) and so my hostname is "jaybird-desktop" and yet in ISPConfig it's shown as "". Should I do a quick "sudo hostname newname" and change the computer's hostname to match the hostname shown by ISPConfig (in other words, get rid of the "-desktop" part)?.

    Ok, one last one (sorry, still new to this). The tutorial says to use "" in order to view your site locally and yet I've tried adding (or replacing) this in both the interfaces and/or hosts file, rebooting, etc and still no cigar. How exactly are sites viewed locally?.

    I've used Linux for a lot of years but up until now, all of my hosting has been done with various WAMPS on a Windows machine so this is a little different for me :).

    Thanks again for you any help!.

    - JB
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    Is your server behind a router (i.e., in a local network), or is it connected directly to the Internet? If it is behind a router, what's your router's local IP address?

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