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Discussion in 'General' started by lifeisboost, Jan 19, 2007.

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    hopefully someone can help :)

    here is the deal, we have 3 servers, 2 main servers and one mirror/ backup server. out T3 is provided with a cisco router running both LAN and WAn through one interface. here is the problem.

    in order for the cisco router to route internal traffic to our servers which have exnternal IPs, i must add an internal address to the eth0 interfaces. lets use this as an example. our outside address is and the internal ip is both of these are on eth0. If i remove the 192 addess no LAN pc can get to the server even from the Wan address.

    this is where the problem happens. our servers all have a gigabit eth1 card that need to be on also. when i transferr data from, instead of going through eth1 it all transferrers through eth0. is there a way to limit the ip traffic to their respective interfaces? as in i only want to go through eth1.
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    I don't understand. I assume you have cables from the Cisco to both eth i/f on the server:

    Server / eth0 --> Cisco
    Server / eth1 --> Cisco

    The Cisco should take care of the routing. Having a 192.168 and the 12.12 on the same eth0 in your server will never allow you to route 192.168 through your other interface, unless you're defining specific routes. Right now, I'd say that would be overkill. Your Cisco can do the routing.
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    unfortunatly im limited with the router :( if i could i would just through another interface in it. But this router is provided by the provider so we cannot add anything to it.

    right now it goes

    eth0 WAN LAN -main switch-----> cisco IF1

    eth1 ---->to GB backup switch ->main switch -> cisco IF1

    the cisco is running NAT and will not transfer packets from an internal IP to the external IP of unless i add an internal route to eth0. so my question is, how can i make a route so only traffic for and from only transfers through eth1 and not 0.
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