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    Hi all : just sharing something that I'm hoping will save a lot of you the time and energy I wasted :

    Basically I took a foolhardy rush headlong into building a NUC with esxi

    Having ZERO previous experience or understanding of how the esxi networking needed to be configured.

    My original intent was to create a 'perfect server ispconfig3' as a VM and then another box which runs an LMS and have ISPCONFIG point to that box.

    What I FAILED utterly to understand was the way the ESXI networking needed to be configured, so what I had done is created an untangle VM and tried to use it as a means of layer 3 routing between devices.

    However, what I ended up doing instead was creating a scenario where I had the ISPCONFIG3 working flawlessly but the reverse/forward proxying would not function no matter what I did. The reason was I'd effectively created a situation where I had my main router talk to esxi but then each of the devices was technically on it's own separate vlan rather than being on the same one...

    so... before annoying the hell out of people too heavily with unadulterated ignorance
    I would 100% suggest take the time, read the manuals and understand how your network traffic needs to function..

    Thanks for the opportunity to share, hope you either learned something or got a good laugh at the nightmare I finally woke up from :p
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