Needed some clarifications: OpenVZ in Debian Etch Howto!

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  1. zenny

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    I came across

    And I am just wondering:

    1) Is it mandatory to setup RAID?

    2) What are the specific reasons to remove directories and links? With they conflict with openVZ in debian etch?

    I meant to point to the first steps like follows:

    cd /
    rm cdrom
    unlink vmlinuz.old
    unlink vmlinuz
    rmdir selinux/
    rmdir initrd
    unlink initrd.img.old
    rmdir opt
    rmdir srv/

    Thanks for the clarifications.
  2. martinfst

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    Nope, it adds data security if one disk should fail. You will keep a running system and thus time to replace the defect disk. Very practical on production systems. If you're on a test system, go ahead and skip RAID.
    Sorry, can't help you with this.
  3. falko

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    The guest system doesn't have a CD drive, uses the same kernel as the host system, etc. That's why these items get removed in the guest system.
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  5. falko

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