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    I am having an issue installing load balancing methods and I am in need of aid.
    Let me start with explaining my setup:
    I have 1 load balance server which will be the the server that will be surfed to. for everything (phpmyadmin, all websites, etc..) and this one will redirect to the others.
    2 identical webservers with unison syncing. (2 webservers is not the limit, this is just my testing setup)
    1 MySQL server to have a standalone database server.
    (these are all Ubuntu 12.10)

    My question is to find a good way to load balance (maybe with a nice webgui? not mandatory) that supports awstats on load balance level (it needs to have statistics for all websites on all servers) or something similar to awstats.

    I have already succeeded in configuring a load balance method with apache with proxies and balancer clusters. it works, but I cannot combine it with a statistics app, like awstats.

    I tried Ispconfig 3 but I just cannot figure it out. There aren't many good tutorials to where I want to go to. I only need To use the webservers part, but every tutorial comes with DNS and Postifx and Mail services. I don't need those. I just need to add the websites that are on the webservers and load balance on this servers but I cannot find out how to achieve this.

    I really hope to find some help here and I thank you for your time to read this and maybe think of a way and share it with me.


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