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    I have a website (php) driven. It has a feature where the users and guest can click an invite link and put in email address and even import from thier address book and invite many at one time.

    Problem is that if you add someone with hotmail, msn, aol and so on it will never send to the invited party. even if a user signs up on the site they never receive an email reporting they completed the sign up process_______ unless they have a gmail account. those work great!! but none of the other emails will work...none!!!!!

    I did look at my maillog and saw a message reporting the hotmail will not accept email from private address for spam control ....i am guessing that is the problem with the others i.e. aol and yahoo....

    Experts, i need your help

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    hey, thanks.....i am on a blacklist

    Great info. May have to go with the work around unless anyone knows of better solution.


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