need to make mirror form centos server i have

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  1. Hoang Vuong

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    Hi guys ,
    I have centos 7 on my physical server machine and want to make another machine or virtual machine with same setting data and everything from the old one to keep it in case i got server crash or at least to make virtual copy of it .
    i read about make vmware convert but it needs Vspher to do it when i dont have . so is there any better way to resnyc or anythingto get all runing service and installed application in both ?
    one more thing is centos i have now installed on 3TB hd but the used is less than 100gb so i can make the virtual copy with the only used space or i have to make it for the same hd size ?
    thank you .
  2. Taleman

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    Use Clonezilla to make a disk image of your server. Get another server and use Clonezilla to read the disk image there. Then you have to physical servers with same data. They also have same IP-number and hostname, so you have to deal with that. And figure out something to keep them in sync.
    If you do not want to use VMware to create Virtual servers, Proxmox is an alternative:

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