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  1. nerdhacker

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    inside /etc/ppp/ip-up.d i have this script that executes automatically when the interface ppp0 comes up.

    echo "Checking if exist internet connection"
    ping -c 3
    if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
      echo "Starting to send & download email"
      echo "Flushing mail queue"
      /usr/sbin/postqueue -c /etc/postfix -f
      echo "Starting fetchmail"
      /usr/bin/fetchmail -v -f /etc/fetchmailrc -L /var/log/fetchmail.log
      echo "Checking mail queue and fetchmail process"
      while ! postqueue -p | grep -q empty && ps -C fetchmail > /dev/null; do
        echo "There is still mail in queue or fetchmail is still working"
        sleep 1
      echo "Terminating the connection"
      killall wvdial
    echo "Internet connection not found"
    i need to see the output for debug of this script, how can i log this to /var/log/script.log everytime it runs automatically?
  2. aFoP

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    I would do it like this:


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