Need to export/backup/copy saved squirrelmail

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    I am not a system administrator or anything. I have a website on a virtual server at I use their squirrelmail. I have a large amount of saved email in one of the squirrelmail INBOX folders that is named SAVED. I would like to leave this account and take my saved mail with me, to some other place that may or may not use squirrelmail. Therefore, I'd like to get the mail into some format that I can save on my PC, and then access on rare occasions using almost any method. I do have decades of PC programming experience and a little Linux experience, but I've never administered a Linux web server. I don't even know if I have permissions to administer my virtual server with regard to email, but I do have permission to update the website.

    Anyway, your assistance is greatly appreciated. An efficient way for me to extract my saved email, without having to work with the host company's participation, would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, advice on exactly what to ask them to do for me would help. I have called and asked once before, and I got a vague can't do it response.

    Thanks very much.
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