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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by bobwdn, Dec 29, 2009.

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  1. bobwdn

    bobwdn Member

    I have made a mistake in configuring my LDAP server setup.

    I followed the
    how to. (BTW, great job.)

    When creating my db.ldif file (during Step 4) I misunderstood olcRootPW to need a password for root. So, I created a unique root password for LDAP. Not realizing that this needed to be the same password for my "cn=admin,dc=myserver,dc=net".

    Part two of my confusion is this, should this (Step 4) password creation be in plain text . . or . . a {MD5} hash password (like that created in Step 5.) I am thinking the logical answer is plain text like the example text provided.

    If that is the case, then I have created the wrong plain text password in Step 4.

    Now, I have searched and Googled and read for two days and cannot conclude how to change this one error.

    This is my first "try" at LDAP and I am as newbie as can be. Can anyone help?
  2. bobwdn

    bobwdn Member

    I am sorry

    The most obvious answers lie at the bottom of the how to in the FIRST comment. :eek:

    Quite simply, I did not have to stop my server.

    'su' into root, Then I did this:
    apt-get --purge autoremove slapd ldap-utils
    Then I did:
    rm -rf /etc/ldap
    on my server. This removed the existing installation.

    And finally:
    apt-get -y install slapd ldap-utils
    Ran all of the how to again (with correct password) and all is working again.

    Please consider this issue closed.
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