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    Hello, folks!

    So, I have a ISPConfig3 multiserver setup here. I work for a small ISP and we host some websites here. We used to be reseller for a big company, but their prices were way too high, lately. So, about a year ago, I started my adventure through these ISPConfig-seas.

    As far as I remember, I based my setup using the Debian Squeeze Multiserver and the Ubuntu 11.04 tutorials.

    Our Network Management wants to get rid of an IP range, which belongs to our link provider, and not to us. Coincidently, our five webservers are there. :cool:

    Well, I know how I can change the servers' IP's, but I really don't want to see everything falling apart.

    How can I check and add/change the servers' linking?
    I remember adding some permissions inside the database.

    I'd be happy to have some tips here, and sorry for the tremendously awful english.

    Thanks in advance
    - Henry.

    I forgot these little details:
    OS: Ubuntu Server 11.04
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  2. cbj4074

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    Unless you have some number of websites defined via ISPConfig that are bound to specific IP addresses (instead of "*"), I'm not sure anything will fall apart. Your virtual hosts should continue to function regardless of which IP addresses are associated with them.

    If, on the other hand, you have specific IP addresses assigned to any of your websites, you will need to add the new/replacement IP addresses in System -> Server IP Addresses, and once the new IP addresses are pointed to your server, you will need to change the IP Address drop-down menu for each site accordingly.

    I'm not sure what you mean by this. Perhaps you set some MySQL permissions for certain IP addresses in MySQL's `user` table, in which case you should log-in as the root MySQL user and have a look. Leave those records as they are, and insert new, equivalent records with the new IP addresses. Once all IP addresses are resolving correctly, you can delete the obsoleted records.

    EDIT: Sorry, I missed the "multiserver installation" part. I'm not sure how much of my post will be helpful to you, but I'll leave it up.
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  3. till

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    In the "mysql.mysql" databse of the master server, there are several tables which conatin the permission records for the mysql users that connect from the slaves. The records exist for the hostname of the slave server and for the IP address for the slave server. Search all tables in the "mysql" database for the old hostname and old IP address and replace them with the new hostname and new ip address. Then do a "flush privileges;" in mysql or restart mysql. On the slave server there are no changes reqzired unless the IP or hostname of the master server changes.

    Some debug instriction which can be used to check if the slave is able to connect to the master again are here:
  4. isotophe

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    Thank you a lot, ppl.

    Sorry for disappearing. We've had lots of trouble here these days, quite an overloaded week.

    Our AS is underway. As soon as I have the IP addresses, I will add 'em to MySQL and report the successful mission here. :)

    Thanks! =D

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