Need : RAID 1 Setup using Centos Live DVD Tutorial

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by dianputra, Sep 27, 2013.

  1. dianputra

    dianputra New Member

    Hi all here,

    I want to setup RAID 1 Software in CentOS 6.2
    Can anybody help me with this issue ?

    Thank you
  2. mpyusko

    mpyusko New Member

    RAID 1 is far easier to configure with a clean install. I did my software RAID 1 as part of the Debian installation process. However once a RAID 1 set is created, it is very easy to manage. Surprisingly Easy. I have RAID for my data drives and moved only them to a new system and the Linux Kernel is great about finding and configuring them. I also had to replace both drives within a week of each other and so both are 2nd gen copies of the original hardware, very easy. Later on down the road I installed a clean OS and now have the OS on it's own RAID 1 set. The original "Data" RAID1 set migrated in with little help from me. All that being said, if you want to create RAID 1 on an existing system I would start with this:
    Depending on the size of your volumes and the amount of data they contain, it can be a time consuming process, since you will be making an exact duplicate of the existing drive. You will be able to use the system as normal as the volumes are synchronized but I recommend as little as possible since it will ultimately slow the process.

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