[Need Paid help] Need help with multiserver ispconfig installation on Centos

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by me100rabh, Jan 4, 2014.

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    As subject says, I need urgent help in installing clustered server powered with Ispconfig v3. I have two linux server with Centos OS. I am aware that recommended OS for ISP config is Debian but I had to choose Centos for my other requirement. Server1 is my main server and server 2 is clustered server with total 10 IPs. Config of both server are:

    Server1: OS: Centos V6 64 Bit
    Server2: OS: Centos v6 64 Bit

    and I need to do:

    1. Install ISPConfig with webmail, database,dns etc fully configured. I need to install one other software, so need FTP, database and cron Job enabled.

    Server2: Clustered server: It has total 10 IPS

    1. I need to install ISPconfig and set DKIM/DMARC/SPF/Mx record for all 10 IPS.
    2. I need to know how to add dedicated/shared IPs to each domains.

    Some basic support if required.

    I have already followed few tutorials but I am still getting lot of errors so willing to have paid help to get it done quickly.

    I can pay $50 for this job.

    Requesting Linux expert to help me out. I need it urgently.

    Thanks in advance.

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