Need help with the FC9 perfect server How to by falko.

Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by savy2k, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. savy2k

    savy2k New Member

    I want to install ISPconfig with FC9 so I followed the one written by falko. He did a very good job. I went through to the point of logging on to the server with telnet to test the mail server config. This is what I get...

    Connected to
    Escape character is '^]'

    Then the cursor just flashes below. I have gone over the /etc/postfix/ and it is perfect. I also made sure all the necessary services are running. I have tried everything except obviously what is necessary to fix it. I am in a real pinch on this so I really appreciate the help.

  2. marpada

    marpada New Member

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  3. savy2k

    savy2k New Member

    Yeah, I'm sure I logged in on port 25. I also agree with you, I will disable telnet when I am done installing and configuring.

  4. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Are there any errors in your mail log?
  5. savy2k

    savy2k New Member

    There were no errors in the maillog. As it turned out, I had to reinstall the OS because my partitioning scheme didn't leave enough space in the / partition. I got through the whole install without a hitch. Now I have a whole host of problems but I think it is just that I have to wait for the DNS to propagate. I can access the ISPconfig control panel on the machine it is installed on but not on any other machine. is the machine it is installed on is the IP is one website is another. that is all I have on there as of the time of this message

    Thx all especially falko, you saved me lots of work.

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