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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by sunebeermann, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. sunebeermann

    sunebeermann New Member

    Hey all.

    Let me say that the ISPconfig is great. But i do have some probs with the ubuntu and mail. I am thinking of doing a complet install from fresh to clean up all the mess i have made :D

    Here is my setup as i would like it.

    My hardware is:

    Dell Server hosted with a 100Mbit Wan.

    3 Ghz
    80 Gb disk
    1 Gb Ram

    What i have installed as it is. is ubuntu dapper drake, as the MAIN system. I have then installed VmWare server on it. so if i fuck it up i dont have to pay to get my server reinstalled. Now thats smart i do think :p

    Now here is what i need help with.

    ISPconfig for my webhosting ( 10 domains and counting )
    Teamspeak ( 5 servers and counting )
    Medal of honor: Spearhead ( 1 server and counting if the test goes well. The game server and the teamspeak server is going to be moved to a better server, More CPU POWER and RAM )

    But for now this i what i have on my server.

    I need to have mail on every domain, ( Webmail and pop3 or IMAP depends on whats best. )

    So i was thinking of making:
    one virtuel server for web called " Webserv1 " 40 Gb Disk, 256 Mb Ram.
    one virtuel server for Teamspeak called " Teamserv1 " 5 Gb Disk, 128 Mb Ram.
    one virtuel server for Game called " Gameserv1 " 10 Gb Disk, 512 Mb Ram.

    I would use ISPconfig for the webhosting. but do i need to set up 2 ISPconfig servers an then let them run as "" and "" and if so why and how. I have all my domains routed for my servers ip via a free dns service.

    All sites on the server needs to have the extensions, "", "", "", ""

    How do i do that???:confused:

    For the TeamSpeak server and the GameServer i need to have controll of the bandwith, ftp and users, ( the ftp and users part is not at problem ) but i need help whit setting bandwith limitations for example teamspeak1 for 10 Gb bandwith a month, and for teamspeak2 5 Gb bandwith a month, the same goes for the game server. for both the teamspeak and the gameserver i need an easy but effective firewall with a GUI I was thinking Webmin for that and then using Shorewall, but isint posible to control the bandwith for a server via webmin??? or is there a better way.

    I know this is a big thread, hope you can help me whit some of it.

    Best regards

    Sune Beermann
  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    If you're using some other DNS service, then you don't need ISPConfig's DNS Manager, so the answer is: no, you don't need a second ISPConfig server just for DNS.

    Your DNS service should have some kind of web interface where you can create these records.
    This tutorial might also be interesting:
  3. sunebeermann

    sunebeermann New Member

    Hey Falko

    Yes I do have some webinterface for my DNS control but now i am starting to get really confused. i was askin at there forum, what i should to where i should write my extensions, A record ore CNAME.

    I ask where i should put my

    and the answer was " why dont you just do this * instead.???

    is that a better way? then all that does not have anything to do with my doamin will end up there anyway. I dont like that.

    And if i create a A Record like this do i then have to make a new site on my ispconfig for that or is it enough with a co domain???

    and third if i want be able to access my gameserv1 via the name instead of the IP could i then enter it as a A Record as so and then tell it a different IP than the rest of my domain.???

    I know i ask alot of questions but its the only way for me. I am reading the traditionel DNS howto guide, BUT still its hard, this i the one thing i really want to learn thats DNS.

    ( and howto make water into gold, but i think thats a long shotter ) hehe
  4. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    I recommend to create a A-Record instead of a wildcard record and a co-domain is fine, you dont have to add a website.

    Yes. Thats the purpose of A-Records. You may add as many A-Records as you like.

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