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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by steve51184, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. steve51184

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    hey i've just got a dedicated server installed ubuntu server 7.1 and it has no whm/cpanel (ssh only) and i thought i'd try ispconfig and after following this guide i had a LAMP server setup and got ispconfig setup (after a few problems but i did it) now the only thing is i have NO clue how to use ispconfig

    what i'd normal do in whm is (as far as i remember):

    1. change hostname
    2. add all my ip's to the server (not needed this time as i only have 1 ip)
    2. setup reverse dns ip's
    3. setup name server's and give them an ip
    4. log into my domain registrar and change one of the domains i will be using to the servers new name servers i just made
    5. (back in whm) make an account with my domain
    6. wait for the dns to sort itself out and the server and new domain work fine

    now my problem is i don't know how to setup my name servers or reverse dns in ispconfig so i can't do anything else like add domains etc :\
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  2. till

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    This guide is not for ISPConfig. Please install your server with a guide that is compatible with ISPConfig. You will find the links on the ISPConfig documentation page.
  3. steve51184

    steve51184 New Member

    that guide is how to setup a LAMP server witch is the base that ispconfig NEEDS and like i said i have ispconfig setup so i don't need any documentation i'm just stuck with the new layout and terminology and i'm struggeling to do what i know how to do in whm/cpanel
  4. till

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    Good to know that you know it better then the poeple who have written ISPConfig ;)

    1) Have a look in the tutorial that I pointed you to and that you refused to read. Its described there as this has to be setup before you install ISPConfig.

    2) Same as 1)

    3) For example:

  5. steve51184

    steve51184 New Member

    although i'm not with godaddy that first guide in your last post helped me setup my name server and i've now fully setup my domain and have it working so thank you very much!!!
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