Need help my server is very slow

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  1. bompax

    bompax New Member

    Hello everybody, i need help:
    I've installed a server using auto install ispconfig on debian 8.
    My server is very slow, i put htts: cloudshare, working fine.
    my config is:
    Intel® Xeon® L5520
    32Go de RAM DDR3 ECC
    500Go HDD
    The question is why is it so slow, is debian the best choise?
    Thank you
  2. Active Member

    debian is a good choice - but it really depends on which system you know how to use.
    If your system is slow ... find the cause ... be more precise
    Is installing software slow? Does your network connection not provide a good and stable connection?
    Is your site loading slow? Is loading a 40gigabyte database slow?
  3. bompax

    bompax New Member

    In fact i use ubuntu, debian, and just a little of fedora.
    I'm not a pro, i'm learning :)
    Really i don't know why it is so slow, i've installed a wordpress, it take really long to charge...
    what can i do to test what is going wrong in the configuration?
    Tonight i'm going to reinstall everything, debian 8, ispconfig and wordpress.
  4. Active Member

    you can test simple scripts and check how long they take to load.
    Wordpress should be able to load pretty fast aswell, especially if it's a new install with likely no content.
    You can test fetching the site using wget on the server itself - if that's significant faster it could be a poor network performance and you should check if you're using some buggy broadcom network chip for example and install proper drivers.
    If it takes about the same time you should check wether you're using opcode caching.
    However there are several more things one can tune for example use a different apache mpm - oh did you check if static pages are loading slow aswell?
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  5. bompax

    bompax New Member

    hello, in fact i tried to test performances, but that was so bad. i've contacted my hoster, now it seems to be better.
    I'm going to reinstall everything on the vps to see changes.
    Thank you for your post ztk
  6. Anthony Cleaves

    Anthony Cleaves New Member

    I use Debian Jessie, with 2gb ram, dual core 3.ghz, 30gig ssd through Digital Ocean and it runs perfectly fine, sits at 700mb use on memory and barely budges.
  7. bompax

    bompax New Member

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