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    Can some do a few example scripts for me:
    I need 2 linux scripts written:
    Script 1:
    Insert a reference to the bash shell, appropriate comments, and your name as author.
    Accept five positional parameters from the command line.
    Display all five values on the screen.
    Display a usage clause if the incorrect number of values is entered.
    Display an average of the five values.
    Save the script, close the editor, make the script executable, and then execute the script.

    Scritp 2:
    Convert the following pseudocode into code for the script:
    Read in three grades from the keyboard
    Average the grades
    Display the appropriate letter grade for the number grade using this scale:
    90 to 100: Display a letter grade of “A”
    80 to 89: Display a letter grade of “B”
    70 to 79: Display a letter grade of “C”
    65 to 69: Display a letter grade of “D”
    0 to 64: Display a letter grade of “F”
    Insert appropriate comments
    Save the script, quit the editor, and then make the script executable

    Trying to see how this logic works.
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