Need help learing how to create a hosting account to upload website files to.

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by petru, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. petru

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    I have absolutely no idea what im doing here! I bought a server from crazy domains and its running ISPconfig 3 on CentOS.
    I have a domain name that i would like to add to the server and create an account with, but i dont know what i need for this to happen. eg.. how to set up a DNS and all the other things required to do this. the IP for my server is:

    Please Someone help me! I cant find support anywhere!

    Thanks in advanced

  2. Superhearing

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  3. petru

    petru New Member

    Yeah ive been looking at that page too. Ive created everything that is essential for a hosting account. But nothing is working. Updated the Name Servers for the domain im trying to add and still nothing after allowing a whole day for the DNS to update. Im upgrading to the unlimited Cpanel. Hopefully i can get everything i want there.
  4. till

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    First, you should get support from the company were you rented the server. Additionally, you can get support here in the forum and then you can also get support from Go to > ISPConfig 3 > Support

    Step by step guides incl. screenhsots are available in the ISPConfig 3 manual and on the ispconfig documentation site:

    So you see. its really easy. Just a few clicks.

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