need help - ispconfig 3 subdomain creation not work

Discussion in 'Tips/Tricks/Mods' started by dinudesign, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. dinudesign

    dinudesign New Member

    hello, i instaled ispconfig 3 on ubuntu 9.10, and all my sites are working ok...but when i tried to make didn't work and i tryed every combination, but it doesn't work..

    can you make a little tutorial with picture to show me an example to understand were i'm rong (show me pls what i must write in dns, web etc)

    thanqs a lot.have a good day!bye.

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  2. giftsnake

    giftsnake New Member

    your dns-zone for the subdomain should look like this:

    you can create the missing A record (the others are created automatically when you do it with the wizard) like shown here:

    when finished this, insert the subdomain (L stands for 'last', so you dont create loops in redirecting):
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  3. jvdkdesign

    jvdkdesign New Member

    the last step..
    Can you give me a example path?

    /web/subdomain/ correct?
  4. giftsnake

    giftsnake New Member

    if you have a folder 'subfolder' in your web directory (for me, the full path to that folder would be '/var/www/'), simply use '/subfolder/' for the path.
  5. jvdkdesign

    jvdkdesign New Member

    i got a forbidden message :confused:
  6. jvdkdesign

    jvdkdesign New Member

    stupid me!
    i was forget that to upload some source too the directory
    dumb dumb!!

    thx for the wonderful "simple" tut.


    From Holland :D
  7. giftsnake

    giftsnake New Member

    mind that indexing of the folders is not permitted by default.

    (htaccess -> Options +Indexes)

    edit: :)
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  8. jvdkdesign

    jvdkdesign New Member

    My first intention was not to use ispconfig for multiple users..

    After 6 months; i have sold all my plesk and directadmin licenses..

    ISPCONFIG And her Forum is really awesome!


    Holland luvs free things (that really works)


    Thanks for your quick reply!
  9. piyush

    piyush New Member

    Picture Missing

    It sounds you are talking for some picture. But I can't see there any picture.

    Could u post that picture again please ?
  10. giftsnake

    giftsnake New Member

    here you go
  11. piyush

    piyush New Member

    Thanks a lot.

    It works perfectly.

    You are genius :).
  12. manarak

    manarak Member

    Hi giftsnake, no pictures display in your posts?
    I've the same questions about creating a subdomain.
  13. manarak

    manarak Member

  14. stef157

    stef157 Member

    what's wrong whis this ?

    Cause nothing works :(

    Thx for our support !

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  15. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

  16. stef157

    stef157 Member

    OK !
    It's working
    Thx a lot !
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  17. amna khojail

    amna khojail New Member

    hello guys , I have same problem but I can't see any image , can you post it? be thankful

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