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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by bluepeter, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. bluepeter

    bluepeter New Member

    I want to install a Linux distro but decided to use a "Live CD" just so i could try and get used to the new operating system. So when i inserted "PCLinuxOS" into the drive and re-booted the PC i was given a number of options but i choose to run the "Live CD" and not install it to my hard drive. Also to accept all default parameters.

    A black screen then appeared exactly as HERE!! and that's how it stayed for about 10 minutes. It then disappeared only to be replaced by a black screen and that's it!

    Could someone help me out here please and tell me what i must be doing wrong. Big thanks
  2. bluepeter

    bluepeter New Member

    I forgot to mention in my previous post that the computer i have been trying to run both PCLinuxOS and Freespire on is a Windows Media Center Computer running Windows XP Home Edition with 512 MB RAM and 80GB Hard Drive
  3. sjau

    sjau Local Meanie Moderator

    It might well be that your computer hardware is incompatible with PCLinuxOS (or maybe just that specific version).
    I advice you to get 1-2 cd-rws (700mb) and try out multiple live distros. I can especially recommend the K/X/Ubuntu ones. The new (beta) version just came out yesterday. I have been using the alpha versions for a few months now without any major incident (well, one kernel update rendered my wifi card useless but in less than 48h that was fixed with another kernel release for Ubuntu).
  4. bluepeter

    bluepeter New Member

    Thanks for the advice and reply sjau as it was appreciated. Being a nOOb is not easy lol but as i am determined to get away from using the Windows OS i thought that using a "Live CD" would have been a good intro to Linux.
  5. sjau

    sjau Local Meanie Moderator

    Well, quite a few distros have a live cd... check the different ones out... Ubuntu just detected by default my wifi card without being required to do anything.. and since it's debian-based I stick to it :)

    Btw, next time please chose an appropriate thread title that gives some clues about the content. You see, everyone opening here asks for help... so just "help" in the title doesn't help at all.
  6. Hans

    Hans Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    I recommend Ubuntu for a desktop too, as it is has a very good hardware recognision and it is Debian based.

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