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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by rvarkevisser, May 16, 2007.

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    I have a question and maybe this is something other people are experiencing also.

    We use our ISPConfig server behind a firewall and therefor use NAT as the address translation. The problem is when our clients create a co-domain. When they do this, the DNS configurator in ISPConfig is using the private IP address of the server automatically and not the public IP which is only used in the DNS Manager. Our clients don't have the DNS Manager when they log in, so they can not control the creation of the co-domain. We have to manually set the ip to the external address.
    Is it possible to let the DNS creator check the ip address of the default hostname (A record that's created when the website is created) and use that ip for the co-domain? That way it's almost always configured in the right way (probably 99% of the case). Or maybe it's possible to create an extra setting in the DNS Server settings where you can set the external IP addresses where you can set 1 default IP address (just like in the server settings).

    The same problem also exists when creating a website, but with the configuration of multiple ip addresses in "Server Settings" we circumvent that problem. We create the site first with the public IP. After 10 seconds we change the IP to a private IP and the DNS settings of the domain stay on the public IP. So this works ok. It's just not as charming as we wished, but it solved our problem.

    We really wanted to help and solve this issue. But after searching for a needle in a haystack we gave up.
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    ISPConfig was originally build for webhosting in datacenters with "official" IP addresses and not NAT enviroments, thats why it has no translation table for internal and external IP addresses. To implement this feature, ISPConfig would need to have a translation table to lookup the external IP address for a internal IP.

    You might want to post this to the faeture request forum as this is nothing that can be solved by reconfiguring your server or ISPConfig.

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