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  1. Polk

    Polk New Member

    Questions mostly to Falko, and other who knows the answer.
    Falko, why do you prefer VIM in all your HowTo's rather than NANO editor?

    If you could please provide some details and compare the editors rather than saying "I just like vim".

    thank you.
  2. matty

    matty Member

    vi/vim is available on every *nix platform I've ever logged in to. nano/pico is not. Once learned, it's hard to go back.
  3. Polk

    Polk New Member

    That's a very good answer. I didn't know vi/vim was on any *nix platform. Thank you. I personally like nano/pico more.
    Would you recommend learning vi/vim? I tried it once and couldn't even 'quit' from the program :)
  4. matty

    matty Member

    nano/pico is definitely easy to use, and makes a lot of sense from the get go. vi/vim is bizarre at the start, but has some features that become helpful as you get further along in your abilities. I won't try and list them - O'Reillys have written books on the subject. I also put up a lot of resistance to learning it at first. The need to work on multiple platforms is what ultimately forced my hand. I'll tell you my secret weapon: I bought a coffee mug that had a "vi cheat sheet" printed on it. :p

    Have a look on your Linux box for an app called vimtutor. It will help get you up to speed.
  5. Polk

    Polk New Member

    Will have to get that mug for myself :)
    You've been so kind and helpful! thank you!!
  6. id10t

    id10t Member

    Yes, if only for survival purposes.

    Personally, I hate vi/vim. I use joe. BUT.. for the Linux admin course I teach, I require students to be able to do basic things with vi/vim (open a file, make changes, save, save while working, quit without saving, etc).

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