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Discussion in 'General' started by 121, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. 121

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    Hi there,
    Using ISP CONFIG 3 on a centos dedicated server.
    Tried to add a second domain to the server but can't get the name servers to resolve.

    1. I added a new client
    2. Added a new website
    3. Loggen on the new client
    4. Added all the necessary records

    This is what the records look like


    When I go to my isp to change the Nameservers records of domain '' it tells me 'Nameserver ( and registered'
    What am I doing wrong ?

    Thank you,
  2. darinpeterson

    darinpeterson Member

    Hi 121,

    Your DNS records aren't correct. Your records for should look something like this:

    A   ftp           IP
    A   ns1          IP
    A   ns2          IP
    A   mail          IP
    A IP
    Your MX record is fine. If you want to map webmail to mail, you do the CNAME record like this:

    CNAME   webmail    mail
    Hope that helps get your DNS records fixed.

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