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    Hello fellow ISPConfig users!
    I'm new to the whole ISPConfig thing.
    I've used cPanel and WHM in the past, but i've "retired" from the webhosting bit, and i only use my servers to host Minecraft + some friend's websites.

    Now, I've installed ISPConfig using this (Norwegian) and it seems to be working. Now to the problem;

    My domain is hosted with and i'm hosting the server from home. I would like my domains (listed under) to be pointed to the server running BIND and ISPConfig so that i can use it for hosting them.
    - (primary)

    The server's hostname is

    The thing is, how the hell do i setup the nameservers and that to point to

    I've tried to add A-records in ISPConfig for the nameservers (, and then using and so on as nameservers for the domains. The only thing it shows me then is that it can't find, do i have to wait a couple of hours to find it? Because when i go to it, it displays the default ispconfig webpage..

    Could someone point me in the right direction here please?

    Edit: is used for hosting stuff too, are there anything else i have to do then?
    - Michael
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    Oh come on, someone have got to know how this is done?
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