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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by carpman, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. carpman

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    Hi, i am trying to work out the best way to setup nameservers. I currently use Hsphere CP (to much for my needs) and for this i just add 2 child nameservers in my resell,biz domain control panel. Then i set this domain as primary server domain with nameservers with two IPs on server.

    I have been reading the docs and guides and see ref to glue records, do i really need these?

    I have ISPconfig setup on one cloud server, and i have 2 ips for this server, can i just setup both nameservers to be on this setup?

    Or is it best to keep ns2 on

  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Yes, that will work fine. But you dont need two nameservers, one is enough as bind listens on all IP addresses by default. Just ensure that you point the ns1 record to the first IP address and the ns2 record to the second IP.

    If the nameserver (NS record) of a domain is a subdomain of the same domain, then you need a glue record.
  3. carpman

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    thanks for reply.

    The nameservers are


    Do the nameservers have to have dedicated IPs, ie no other sites using them?

    Or can ns1 share IP with main domain and other domains (shared IP)

  4. carpman

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    Been looking at the following guides, but current ISPconfig doesn ot seem to have same dns features?

    But this one does

    Question; when using this guide the server domain is going to be the same as the nameserver domain is this ok?

    Think i am a little confused as to the server field in dns setup and domain i wish to have nameservers on.

    I take i have to create a dns zone for the domain i used when first setting up ISPconfig?
  5. till

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    The opposite is the case. The current ISPConfig has much advanced dns features and options.

    Sure, you just have to create glue records at the domain registry.
  6. carpman

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    Ok this is what i have done

    create two child nameservers at

    ns1 points to main server IP
    ns2 points to second IP on server

    In ISPConfig

    Setup dns zone
    domain same as server field (

    Added new records


    A ns1 (main server IP)
    A ns2 (second server IP)

    A check on show it pointing to correct nameservers and load the ISPconfig default webpage.

    Have done correctly?

    Will i be able to setup other domains using this name server?

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  7. carpman

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    Hi, so i have now added a client and logged in as client, i added a domain and set nameservers at registrar to point to the server new nameservers.

    Doing a dns check i can see that the domain now point to new nameservers, but it still loads old site.

    Hopefully this is most likely a dns propagation issue so will wait and see if it loads later.

    In the dns check i found these entries for the new client domain.

    should be worried about this?
  8. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    That doesn't look good. Maybe you need to double-check your settings at
  9. carpman

    carpman Member

    Will get onto, though it seems to work as setup another domain pointing to these nameservers and it works?

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