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    I have setup a server and want to host two websites on it. I have bought two domain names but dont know how i point them to my server and what settings needs to be changed on server to accept the request.
    I have browsed different forums and read about name-based virtual host but problem is that before i get to the point where i change httpd.conf file, what i have to do to point my domain names to my server.

    Any help will be much appreciated.

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    thanks for your reply. i have bought my domains from eurodns.

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    Login on

    1) goto DNS Servers (it's in the My Profile on the left)
    2) Clikck on "Add a new DNS server profile"
    3) Enter a name in the "Name of this profile" Any name will do
    4a) Enter in Server 1* your 1st NS name (something like NS1.yourdomain.tld)
    4b) Enter in Server 2* your 2nd NS name (something like NS2.yourdomain.tld)
    5) click on "Save the configuration

    Now you should be back in the "Manage your DNS server profile", and you should see the just added NS1 and NS2.yourdomain.tld with the IP's behind it)

    If NOT, and if you got an error saying "The IP address of this host could not be resolved" you will need to create the NS1 and NS2 1st on your ISPconfig system!

    To do so:

    a) Login to ISPconfig
    b) Goto Management > Setings and select the tab DNS.
    c) Note down the Default NS1 and Default NS2 (lets say it's ns1 and ns2.yourdomain.tld)
    d) Goto DNS Manager
    e) Click on the domain that belongs to the NS1 and NS2 (this should be yourdomain.tld)
    f) Select the tab Records

    Now if you do NOT see in the "A Record" under IP-Adress "your internet IP", and under Hostname "NS1" and "your internet IP", and under Hostname "NS2" and your internet IP, you will need to create it.

    To create the missing A records do this.

    1) Click on the NEW button (next to A record)
    2) In Hostname enter NS1
    3) In IP Address enter your internet IP address
    4) click on Save

    Do the same for NS2 yourdomain.tld

    Next you will have to wait some time for all the info to get setup.

    To see if your ns1 and ns2 are setup okay (and working) you can ping it, and see what IP address it's giving back.

    When all is done, you should go back to, and try the 1st 5 steps, and continue from here:

    When the DNS servers are setup at eurodns, goto the "My Domains" option (it's on the left), and select the domain that you want to set (click on the DETAILS icon)

    Now from here I can not help you, as I can not access the domains I have with eurodns anymore.
    You chould be able to select the profile that you created with step 3. When done, select on save or update...

    Now wait again for some time (can take up to 48 hrs), and with a bit of luck it will work.

    Good luck
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