mysql user names and databse names problem

Discussion in 'General' started by blocker, Dec 15, 2008.

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    i have the following problem:

    i have a web page - web57 with databases web57_db1 with user web57_u1 and web57_db2 with user web57_u2.

    the problem is when i login to phpmyadmin with user web57_u1, i see all the databases web57*_db1 - for example web577_db1, web578_db1 e.t.c.


    when i login to phpmyadmin with user web57_u2 i see all the databases web57*_db2 - for example web577_db2, web578_db2 e.t.c.

    what could be the reason for that, and how can i fix that without changing database names and database users...

  2. till

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    Thats a known bug in mysql and related to the underscore in the usernames which is misinerpreted by mysql as wildcard. All current ispconfig versions use a new naming scheme to prevent this for newly created databases.
  3. blocker

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    Thanks for the reply

    i would like to ask if there is another solution to go over the problem except renaming the databases and the user names?

  4. till

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    There is no other solution as far as I know. But maybe you find something with google, the problem with underscores in mysql usernames is not ispconfig specific.
  5. blocker

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    i just asked, it became clear that it is not ispconfig related just after your 1st post :)

    thanks a lot

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