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    I need some help please with an ISPConfig that Till set-up - and it is mainly to do with the MySQL database that it is using.

    I know that an ISPConfig was setup on the database concerned, but this user only has admin rights on the ISPconfig database setup. The problem seems to be more to do with the root password on the MySQL database - which I have now lost - and the instructions are not working for me.

    Which makes me think - that there is either no root user for my ISPConfig build or that my MySQL database is seriously screwed.

    This whole thing has come about, because I had to upgrade MySQL to work with a later version of PHP that I needed for MediaWiki [dependancy hell on RHEL - sorry] - and the MySQL database says that it needs to have mysql_upgrade run on it....which doesn't work - because I don't have the root password for the MySQL server....


  2. till

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    Your mysql server has a normal root user as any mysql server, ispconfig does not change anything in this regard. If I installed the server for you, then you either received the mysql root password from me by email (please see my mail with the login detail that you received after the installation) or if mysql was already installed, then the mysql root password is the one that you sent me to install ispconfig.

    You can also find the mysql root password that was working at the time ispconfig was installed in the file /usr/local/ispconfig/server/lib/mysql_clientdb.conf. If the password in that file does not work anymore, then either mysql is broken or you changed the password in the meantime.

    The ISPConfig FAQ also contains instructions on how to reset a mysql root password:

    If this wont work, then your mysql database is most likely broken by the mysql update. Do you have any server backups that you can restore?
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  3. maxeaves

    maxeaves New Member

    Till - thank you very much for that; that is much appreciated.

    Best Wishes

  4. maxeaves

    maxeaves New Member

    All fixed - that is lovely - and even better, I've managed to fix my database issues using myisamchk command - so I am now a totally happy bunny!

    Thanks Till.


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