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    Hi all

    I've one webserver with a mysql server. Now I wan't to set up a backup webserver with a backup mysql server. Now I need a howto.

    If the master webserver is not online, the loadbalancer put the users to the backupwebserver. He must be every time synced with the masterwebserver. If he is down and someone makes changes in its database, the backupwebserver must sync it back to the master webserver.

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    You mix the terms web, mysql and mailserver in your post. Do you want to sync a webserver or a mailserver or a database server? Aditionally your post title is talking about mysql replication which is only relkevant for a databse server. This are 3 different tasks, so I need to know exactly what you want to mirror to give you some hints on how to achieve this.
  3. admins

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    Thanks Till. I've correct ist. :

    Master MYSQLServer --> Backup MYSQL Server

    Master MYSQLServer <----> Backup MYSQL Server

    all of the MYSQL Server

  4. till

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    Ok. In this case there are two options available as far as I know:

    1) Master / master replication, so that every change in the master gets written to the slave and every chnage in the slave gets written to the master automatically. You can even use both servers at the same time r.g. for loadbalancing. Falko has written a few tutorials about this topic.

    2) Use a mysql cluster server for all website databases of the master and the slave server:

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