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  1. 3molo

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    Hey forum!

    I followed the guide for Mysql master/slave replication and everything works but "LOAD DATA FROM MASTER;". Also the slave does not get updated on its own.
    Here's my error:
    ERROR 1219 (HY000): Error running query on master: Access denied; you need the RELOAD privilege for this operation
    I did the GRANT REPLICATION and everything on the master (for the slave_user).
    With logging turned on at the master mysql, trying the LOAD DATA FROM MASTER; on the slave only gave me:
    373 Connect [email protected] on
    373 Query SHOW DATABASES

    from the logfile of the mysql master.

    How to allow this RELOAD privilege for slave_user?

    Thanks in advance, 3molo.
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  2. 3molo

    3molo New Member

    Solution was:

    grant all privileges on *.* to [email protected]; flush privileges;
    Thanks anyway.
  3. nephish

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    Hey thanks for this, helped me out.

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