mysql replication for tables dns_rr dns_soa

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by grungy, May 2, 2009.

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    I have 3 ispconfig servers - multiserver environment. I want to have one master DNS server and all other serves would serve the same data, which is replicated from the master. The mysql replication is setup so that only tables dns_rr dns_soa are replicated to other two dbispconfig databases and it works great. Except that the local mydns daemon can not read the two tables because of the server ID. The sql query goes like this:

    SELECT id,origin,ns,mbox,serial,refresh,retry,expire,minimum,ttl,active FROM dns_soa WHERE origin='' AND server_id = 3;
    but since the tables dns_rr dns_soa have data from server 1, that is the row server_id has value of 1....and the query looks from ID 3 the query is empty.

    how to fix this?
  2. grungy

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    figured it out in mydns.conf

    soa-where = server_id = 1               # Extra WHERE clause for SOA queries
    rr-where =  server_id = 1               # Extra WHERE clause for RR queries

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