Mysql.Personal mail whitelist/blacklist problem

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    1. I crated domain ""
    2. Create the users into the domain ""
    3. Add blacklist rules in spamfilter for each user.
    Example blacklist for users:

    User  (recipient): [email protected]
    Email (sender): [email protected]
    User (recipient): [email protected]
    Email (sender): [email protected]
    User (recipient): [email protected]
    Email (sender): [email protected]
    ISPConfig insert rules into table "spamfilter_wblist".
    wblist_id     sys_userid     sys_groupid     wb     email
         1                       2                   2                         B      [email protected] 
         2                       2                   2                         B      [email protected]
         3                       2                   2                         B      [email protected]    
    These rules work only for domain because the sys_userid is the ID of the user that is currently logged into the ispconfig interface.

    How to identify recipient <-> sender ?

    It is necessary for me for Exim mysql query.

    Excuse for bad English.

    Thank you!
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    Has found itself where personal spamfilter.

    Email Mailbox -> accaunt -> Mail Filter

    ISPConfig used table mail_user_filter in database.
    Column mailuser_id = id the mail user.
    Column searchterm = sender

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