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  1. QuikeMore

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    I use Perfect Setup FEDORA CORE 5 64 bits
    setup ISPCONFIG

    my static pages work fine:

    1)I want migrate MySQL databases from my old machine (RED HAT 9)
    /var/lib/mysql (RH9) --> /var/lib/mysql (FC5) ??? Not work!!
    - webpages show empty
    - code php work fine!

    2) How activate phpMyAdmin? -- Not work

    3)FTP anonimous Not Work; Where add Users for FTP user?
    FTP is run good

    4) --Not work

    5)how set up quota store and/or for attach emails??

    thanks Enrique;)
  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Please make SQL dumps of your old databases and import them into your new ones:

    Please install the phpMyAdmin .pkg package from by going to Management -> Update Manager. Afterwards, you can find a link to phpMyAdmin under Tools.

    What's the exact problem?

    Install the Uebimiau webmail package from Afterwards, there's a link to webmail under Tools.

    If you have followed the "Perfect Setup" for FC5, then everything is already in place. The storage space for emails belongs to the space you allocate to each user in ISPConfig.

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