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    I added a new database to an account on my ISPConfig (Fedora 5) server and it did not show in phpMyAdmin - I deleted it & tried again - same problem. After restarting MySQL I lost the connection with ISPConfig & the database - checked MySQL access via Putty - could not connect so I reset the password to the original one.

    Now I have ISPConfig - but none of the databases on the server can be accessed - so I checked the MySQL table - users / permissions - apart from root user everything is missing.

    I can see the data in a table in ISPConfig ( isp-isp-datenbank) - is there any way to use this information to re-setup the users in MySQL - please.

    Any help greatfully received.

    I've about 140 active sites on the server and maybe 60 with Databases...
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    Do you see the databases when you look at /var/lib/mysql ?
    There should be folders there that contain all of your MySQL databases.

    If they're still there then I would think you have a phpMyAdmin configuration problem and the databases are still ok.

    You can try this to see if all your databases are there and to check if mysql still contains all of your users:
    mysql -p
    use mysql
    SELECT `User` FROM `user` ;

    You may be able to dump the table "isp_isp_datenbank" and then resetup the users in MySQL. I can't really help you there because I don't use ISPConfig to create or manage my databases. I just do it in phpMyAdmin.
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