mysql ispconfig3 and NFS v4

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    I have created a two node configuration for ispconfig3 and other mysql databases.

    There are two application nodes which use Red Hat Clustering suite to try and make sure an application node is always up and running.

    For the sake of simplicity and lack of knowledge on my part I've decided not to use glusterfs (Now via epel very easy to install and use with centos 6).

    I've created an NFS server with autofs mounts configured on each client.

    The web server data resides on NFS as well.

    The autofs configuration works well, the mysql database stubbornly refuses to start.

    I'm guessing I need the NFS share on the server configured differently. Right now it was rw,no_root_squash configured.

    NFS server:
    Centos 5.7 32 bit. Its a legacy box and sits 100 miles away so I don't feel like reconfiguring it for centos 6 64 bit.

    Client: cenots 6.2 64 bit

    mysql user is an all three boxes with the same numeric uid.

    All files are mysql:mysql

    Any trick that people know to get the mysql db to start up on an NFS share.

    I will upload the error messages later this evening along with the autofs configuration files. I have absolutely no port 22 access where I'm currently sitting.

    Thanks in advance.

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