mysql - How do I change the root password

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by jamesls, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. jamesls

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    I have ubuntu 81.0 & ispconfig 3.
    Everything is working ok.
    I need to set the mysql password, as it is currently blank.

    How do I do it so that ispconfig will still work with the new root password?

    Many Thanks
  2. falko

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  3. jamesls

    jamesls New Member

    Hi Falko

    I followed the first part ok and changed the root password
    mysqladmin -u root password yourrootsqlpassword
    mysqladmin -h -u root password yourrootsqlpassword

    the second part I didn't change any passwords as they appeared to be for the ispconfig user and not root, also they were encoded. ( )

    the last mysql_.... conf
    I added the new password in plain text.

    Then I logged into ispconfig, and created a database for a site, it created it in ispconfig - it showed up on the list.
    I then tried to log into phpmyadmin and it would not let me
    error access denied for [email protected] (password NO) ..
    So I ran the ispconfig upgrade file - it ran ok
    I tried the same again and could not login to phpmyadmin
    the new db had been created, I used mysqladmin to list all the db s.
    Everything seems to be ok I think I've not checked everything.
    But I can't get phpmyadmin to log me in.

    many thanks
  4. falko

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  5. jamesls

    jamesls New Member


    I don't have an option to login, it either goes strieght in as [email protected] with a blank password, or it comes up an error.

    I've changed the passwords in myphpadmin for %, name.of.server, ip list, and they work, but when I change localhost password and restart, myphpadmin won't let me in.
    I then have to use mysqladmin to change the password back to a blank and it'll then let me in.
  6. jcombs_31

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