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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by James E, Nov 14, 2007.

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    Hello, experts,
    I have been following the tutorial The Perfect Setup - Ubuntu Feisty Fawn (Ubuntu 7.04). I have got ot page 4, when I'm enter the command "netstat -tap" mysql is not on the list:[email protected]:/home/server1# netstat -tap
    Active Internet connections (servers and established)
    Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address Foreign Address State PID/Program name
    tcp 0 0 server1.local:domain *:* LISTEN 4819/named
    tcp 0 0 localhost.locald:domain *:* LISTEN 4819/named
    tcp 0 0 localhost.localdoma:ipp *:* LISTEN 4871/cupsd
    tcp 0 0 localhost.localdoma:953 *:* LISTEN 4819/named
    tcp 0 0 server1.local:53025 ESTABLISHED5539/firefox-bin
    tcp 0 0 server1.local:59706 ESTABLISHED5539/firefox-bin
    tcp 0 0 server1.local:53024 ESTABLISHED5539/firefox-bin
    tcp6 0 0 *:domain *:* LISTEN 4819/named
    tcp6 0 0 *:ssh *:* LISTEN 4844/sshd
    tcp6 0 0 ip6-localhost:953 *:* LISTEN 4819/named
    [email protected]:/home/server1#

    It would be great if you could help me with this thanks,
    I have been trying to create a webserver for ages but I cannot do it, please help!!

  2. James E

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    I have fixed this.....

    I have fixed this......

    Thanks, James

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