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    ok, i have mysql 5.0.51 on ubuntu 8.04 TLS.

    I am looking for a performance tunning for mysql. When i ran, it gives me a recommendation that i should turn off innodb engine because it is not been used. However, i would like to use the falcon engine because its great performance. So i would like to know if does it matter for ISPconfig which mysql engine is used, if yes, how to change it!!!

    Thanks very much in advance
  2. till

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    For ISPConfig it does not matter which mysql engine is used, but it will not give you any benefit if you change the ispconfig db from myisam to any other format as the ispconfig db is not heavily used.

    It should be no problem to use other mysql engines for your website databases, but I never needed that. I guess you will find the information about loading an additional storage engine in mysql in the mysql manual.

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