Mysql connect from Perl 5.10

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by NewMee, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. NewMee

    NewMee New Member

    After installation, Perl (v 5.10.0) does not find the file in the installation.
    Also, after pointing to it, the connect() function appears not to exist anymore.
    Somehow, I now have to use DBI:.
    Is there an alternative that prevents me to from having to rewrite some hundred scripts?

  2. tebokkel

    tebokkel New Member

    Revert to the Perl and the libdb-mysql-perl (or whatever it's called) from your distribution packager.

    Alternatively, reinstall libdb-mysql-perl from source.

    Your INClude paths (perl -V) change when you install a new version. Your libdb-mysql bindings are most likely not moved / upgraded to the new directory layout.

    Perhaps there's a special command, like the update-python-modules.

    Better in the long run: start programming modules, where the database dependend stuff is in one module. That way you only have to change one module.

  3. NewMee

    NewMee New Member

    Programming modules would be my best option for new stuff, indeed.
    Thanks Paul!


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