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    Hi all,

    I'm planning to buy a vm for my websites.

    The most important thing I want is that all configuration of this server is as much as possible in mysql. So I can put my php framework running on it to configure my server.

    For dns I found mydns and powerdns. (I have not yet decided. They both look good)

    For ftp i think I go for pureftpd.

    But the web server is the most critical point. I read good stuff about nginx but I do not think it can be configured so all virtual hosts are configured in mysql instead of config files. Lighttpd has this option for sure because a long time ago I configured it as a test and it worked. But Lighttpd seems to be a death project?? Apache is not an option on VM I think. All I read about apache now is that nginx and lighty outperform apache and use less memory (with is important for vm) Then there is G-WAN (a new one?) and cherokee (probably not a good option)

    So requirements are:
    - config in mysql (vhosts, alias etc..)
    - low on memory
    - php support (because it are all dynamic pages)
    - speed would be nice to :)

    What would you recommend?
    (Ohter servers than the servers I mentioned are also welcome as a suggestion)

    Mails will not be processed by this server. This part will be on external servers.

    Kind regards.
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