mysecureshell howto bandwidth monthly limit on user GROUP?

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    Hello to everybody! :eek:

    I have followed this tutorial to setup a very happy chrooted enviroment for my clients.

    I have created a first "user1" and all clients users with home directory within the home of first user1, in this way the primary user1 can se all files of all other subclients.
    All users are within the group of first user1 and the group "user1" have a QUOTA control for disc space.

    Now, i want to setup a bandwidth use limit for all users of the group "user1", not only limit the real bandwidth when there is a transfer, but setup a monthly amount of data that all gropu can transfer.

    I can make this on the sftp_config file of mysecureshell or can control in other ways?!

    Thanks you very much.

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