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Discussion in 'General' started by Danger, Feb 7, 2009.

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    ok, i am using version MyDNS 1.1.0, i think i will stick to it rather then move on the MyDNS-ng, i will update it later, but now i need some things done in a few days, so i need to get some things done.
    firstly: i have the domain name registered with and i want to give them my 2 nameserver "links", which are to IP's, IP A and IP B, so now i input the two IP's at,
    so how do i exactly configure it at MyDNS? i know its something to do with the SOA table, but what exactly do i do? (say my website server's IP address is C)

    also after this i want my clients (i don't want to bother to explain why) to be able to point subdomains to different nameservers, so say client A wants to point his subdomain to and, i know that i have to create a CNAME for this but what should i put in the 'rr' table for creating the CNAME record? I looked in the table structure of the rr table, but i don't see anywhere where i can put in the details of the primary nameserver and the secondary nameserver.

    is there any library in MyDNSConfig that can be used to do all this?

    PS: some of my jargons are kind of wrong, since i am new to this DNS things but i really need this done, yes i know the consequences of messing around with DNS
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    For each zone that you create, you must also create NS records (for the nameservers). If you have two authoritative nameservers, then you create two NS records in that zone.

    Subdomains cannot be hosted on different nameservers.

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