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    After updating from to version 3.0.2 using the automated scripted my dns zones stopped to work, somehow the update changed my setup regarding dns disabling mydns and enabling Bind, this would not be a issue if Bind listen from all addresses what is not happening.


    The listen-on option specifies IPv4 address to listen on. There is no interface specific option but IP is assigned to specific interface, so by specific IP you can force BIND to listen on certain IP or network interface or In all Interfaces.

    Just change /etc/bind/named.conf.options

    Specific Interface:
    //listen-on-v6 { any; };
            listen-on {; };

    All Interfaces:
    //listen-on-v6 { any; };
    //listen-on {; };
    listen-on { any; };
    Hope that this helps Someone :D
  2. till

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    The problem is that you have bind and mydns installed at the same time on your server which confused the installer. As you used mydns before, it is recommeended to stay with it by uninstalling the bind packages from your server and then running the update again to activate mydns again.

    Regarding your issues above with BIND. These bind settings are not controlled by ispconfig, they are the defaults of the linux distrubution that you use.
  3. Somel

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    Yup, Till

    You're correct till... I do have both Installed and that mixed up the installer. Altough in my case I used this server for testing and i need to have bind9 and mydns installed.

    I noticed that the update rewrite the dns settings from the server on ispconfig.
    What are the settings for Mydns?
    Can I change just the setup of the dns on the ispconfig control Panel and that way forced mydns to run without unistalling bind, if so what are the settings to insert in ispconfig?

    I would also like to suggest that if more dns server are available then this setup rewriting shoud be a option in the ispconfig control panel. allowing more control, basically the update shouldn't get confused :p
  4. till

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    No. You would have to change the code in the update.php script so that runs the setup procedure that you want instead of detecting the dns server. After you modified the update.php script, you will have to run the update again so that the updater reconfigures your system for the use of the mydns server.
  5. Somel

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    What i need to change then?

    By the way thanks for your support Till.

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