mydns - as slave DNS server form master database

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  1. Franz

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    I create script which enable second ISPconfig3 server, which is connected to master ISPconfig3, to act as slave DNS.

    all zones are created in master server, and with this script you can transfer(mirror) dns data to second server every 10 min via cron.

    Here is the script
  2. Hi Franz

    I'm trying to get your script working on my multiserver setup.

    Master - Ubuntu 8.10 x64
    Secondary - Ubuntu 9.04 x64

    I have followed the instructions.

    Edited on secondary server - /etc/mydns.conf
    Created on secondary server - /root/
    (Copied user names/passwords on secondary server from /usr/local/ispconfig/server/lib/ into

    When I run ./ I get - ERROR 1142 (42000) at line 1: SELECT command denied to user 'ispcsrv2'@'' for table 'dns_soa'

    (I've xxxx'd out my server names in this post)

    Is there anything I should be doing differently?

  3. Franz

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    what are names of databases on master and slave server?

    what is main database on slave server for ispconfig?
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    I suppose Franz posted a script for configuration:

    server no 1 - ispconfig3 - ns1
    server no 2 - no ispconfig, just mydns - ns2

    If you have multiserver config using ispconfig 3 on both servers - Franz's script is not for you.

    And referring to second part:

    Check on server1 mysql user `ispcsrv` - if he has rights to access table `dns_soa` and if he can connect from `` host.

  5. Franz

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    why not ? I have iscponfig on second server, I just copy data for mydns to second server to act as slave, as ISPconfig does not have dns replication jet.
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