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    I'm new to ISPC, but I like to fully soak up what I'm getting into. I found a few usability issues and bugs and have fixed them in the attached patch. The patch is based off of a subversion checkout made today.

    • If there are no results in a record set, say so with an explicit message (so the user doesn't get lost trying to understand an incomplete screen)
    • Equalise the white-space around the pagination icons, to make it look neat
    • Align the pagination icons to the text better (currently looks wonky, sloppy/unprofessional)
    • Fix missing "login_as_txt" language string (the icon-based button had no caption as a result)
    • Change the mouse cursor to a waiting cursor when waiting for an AJAX page request to load
    • Add a tooltip to all the small icon-based-buttons (very important IMO)
    • On the user web quota page, show 'unlimited' rather than '<blank> KB'
    • Actually link to the stats package, instead of just into the config for it (major I think!)
    • Make it clear the webstatistics password is not to enter a current password, but to set one
    • Fix mailinglists icon saying 'Delete' (code had a copy&paste error, nobody noticed due to the icon text not showing visibly)
    • Fix webmail icon saying 'Delete' (as above)
    • Fix inconsistent DNS zone label for email field (example contradicts what the syntax is altered to)
    • Consistent spelling of 'Email'
    • If adding a new DNS zone, don't complain first about a missing email address, then also say the one given is invalid

    I can't say I've really tested this as well as I should have. The live site isn't running out of SVN, so while most changes were tested, I didn't test all the "no results" changes. I'm also aware by adding some language strings, non-languages will need updating. And that third-party themes won't automatically get my pagination and tooltip fixes. And that quite possibly my webmail link is not coded right according to all standards (I wasn't sure how to do that, so I just did something that worked).

    I hope this helps push ISPC up a notch. I think these little interface quirks are the real kind of thing that put people off (in terms of their experience, and also their sense of a professional-grade product), but I think I've fixed all the ones that grate the worst.

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    Thank you very much for the patch!

    I've reviewed and submitted it to svn.

    Thats done automatically or by the translators with the language merge function from when they update the translations So new strings have to be added only in the english language file(s).

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